Drainage – An old outbuilding and coal shed was being converted into a downstairs Wc cloakroom with wash basin and utility room with a washing machine. No drainage was available but there was a nearby manhole in the garden. This was marked out then trenches were dug to lay the new plastic underground drainage pipe work. This terminated through the side wall of the man hole.  New drainage in place ready for back filling.

Removal of old square flue – Note: corroded green copper gas pipe on the LHS.

Installation of new round flue – Older style large square flue removed and hole bricked up with matching bricks. New round flue hole cut with a 5” hole cutter for a neat finish

Gas Meter – Customer enquired if their gas meter (which was awkwardly positioned in the cupboard beneath the downstairs wash basin) could be moved to outside. This was so they could turn the downstairs wc into a laundry area. A recessed meter box was cut into the external brickwork and the pipe work re routed in galvanised steel pipe.

Gas tumble dryer – Installed last year. Lots of people are not aware that gas tumble dryers are available. They are also more economical than the electric equivalents.

Pipe installation – Gas pipe outside upgraded to 28mm to supply larger boiler. Rubber lined clips and bracketry used to get over the waste pipe.

Portable gas bottles with auto changeover device. – Combi boiler installed on the outskirts of Ashby de la Zouch in an area with no mains gas. Garden was also unsuitable for a “bulk” LPG tank so 4 x portable cylinders fitted with an automatic changeover device was the solution. This draws gas from 2 x bottles on the left simultaneously then when they are empty, it automatically switches over to draw gas from the 2 x bottles on the right. The arrow also changes colour to let you know that the 2 x on the left are empty and need replacing.

Horstman 3 channel programmer – This central controller is used to control 3 x zones in a property. 1. Downstairs heating. 2.Upstairs heating. 3. Hot water heating. Four channel programmers are also available for larger properties.

Solar system controller – This controls and monitors the ‘yield’ of solar energy available from the solar panel on the roof and also lets you know the current temperature of the hot water cylinder.

Contemporary chrome towel rail –  This particular radiator is a slightly different design and is also made from brass so will never rust.

Disabled Wc – This one was installed in a dentist but more ‘domestic’ styles are available for the home if you require something with a ‘higher’ sitting position making it easier to get up or down. Grab rails are also available.